Posted by: newq | November 9, 2016

Life and how to live it XVII

This is my post election thoughts and rants written to get them out of my head and to scream into the digital wind.  I’ll get back to writing tales of life one of these years.

My armchair post game is this.  This is what happens when both parties stop listening to the constituents.  You literally get “anyone else.”  The Democrats stopped listening and instead of choosing a more electable candidate (Sanders, based on polls) Team Hillary schemed and cheated to get her in position.  Traditional Republicans stopped listening and the constituents found a wild card in their own ranks. (Would have done so well as an independent?)

My breakdown of the demographics comes to two point. First the country mouse just sent a message to the city mouse. Secondly the majority of Trump supporters were over 45, the older generations have better turn out and my prayer is that the baby boomers have matured enough to see something I don’t.

This paragraph from a Forbes article summed it up for me.

“If he embraces his role as a radical reformer, he could do much good, for example with a flatter tax system, restoring federalism, seizing the advantage of the energy revolution and reviving military preparedness.

The question is whether he will, or is capable, of doing these things. A Hillary Clinton administration would have been safer, and predictable, but it would not have addressed the very things that made Americans turn to this bizarre political poseur. Now it’s up to Trump to live up to his promise to restore the country’s self-confidence, and, for the rest of us, to make sure he does it in accordance with the Constitution and basic decency.”

Now, while the numbers aren’t final, it appears Hillary won the popular vote.  I don’t care which side of the fence you are on I think we can agree that if the popular vote candidate doesn’t win the election something is wrong.  The Electoral College may have been a good check and balance at the founding but now it has been neutered to the point where it is no longer doing any good.

Finally, regardless of your vote half the country disagrees with you.  You probably know at least one of them.  Did you discuss the issues with these people or did you just “unfriend” them because you didn’t like their opinion?  Civil discourse has been lost in the narcissist realm of social media and social isolation.  Town hall meetings require you to listen to people you disagree with.  On the internet you never have to face it.  Are you going to foster the divide or bridge the gap?



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