Posted by: newq | January 20, 2012

Life and how to live it part XV

As always I repeat this is NOT a Christmas posting.  Those drag on about jobs, and kids, and important things.  These messages at best are about somewhat important things and generally completely non-important things.

Like Kristin’s chickens.  As mentioned in the previous episode SHE got chickens.  Then two decided they liked sleeping in the neighbor’s apple tree.  Then over our time back in WI for the weddings two if the chickens went away.  No feathers, no gore, but they were not prone to flying like the other two and who knows maybe they decided a buddy comedy with a stray dog and a hummingbird was the way to go.

Kristin and our fabulous neighbor, as in (he’ll be the Maid of Honor at the wedding) built a more secure chicken run but after spending 45 minutes one night shooing them from out of the yard across the street into our yard I cracked.  There is now a chicken fortress.  One morning around 2 am the dog started going ape shit as the two raccoons from the Great Outdoors were on the stump of the tree trying to figure out how to get in. (Did you know that raccoons eat chickens?  Where did these ever run across each other in the wild?  Does that mean badgers take out turkeys?  Do they give a shit?)  They did not get in (manly grunt for a fence well built) and we have been enjoying yard fresh eggs ever since.

Christmas was in Palm Springs, well the week before technically.  Kristin’s parents belong to a vacation club/timeshare thingy and they took a week there and invited us.  Let me say a few things about Palm Springs that you may not guess…

1. It smells like the woods, and by that I mean it smells like DEET.

2. I have never seen such a high concentration of middle aged gay men with small dogs.  They are having coffee. They are antiquing at the little boutiques in the old down town.  They are enjoying a beer at the Mexican restaurant.  They are doing everything but working.  I personally think they just all support each other in some sort of secret commune.  A gay Illuminati of businesses.

3. Palm Springs Costco is full of tans, white clothing, and spandex; anything to make it look like you are above shopping there but are only pulling off 70% of the look.

A day trip from Palm Springs is Joshua Tree National Park.  The inspiration for U2 liner art  I mean there were like 30,000 of them but I’m sure we saw THAT one.

Finally, while you can take the boy out of ‘stallis you can’t take the ‘stallis out of the boy.

Kristin is pregnant.

12 weeks along as of this past week.  Let the record reflect that I proposed BEFORE we knew (by a whole 4 days) AND that the pill is only 99.9% effective making this child not the 1% but the 0.01%



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