Posted by: newq | February 23, 2011

LIfe and how to live it part XIII

It’s the second Seattle snow-mageddon for the season and since I’m out of batteries for my Xbox controller it seems like a fine time for a note on the comings and goings of our exciting household.

Let’s start with our new kitten. This fall, but not on a Caturday I had my friend Don bring over the 6 kittens remaining from the litter for a test run. After about an hour Kristin had picked her cat which was the lover and I picked mine because he was the most playful and had supreme interest in the bottle cap he found on the floor. (I could use a drinking buddy around the house.) At this point Kristin said “Neither one of us is going to change our minds, how do we decide?” The answer was a simple coin toss and beer drinking buddy was mine. It took a few days but we decided on Thelonius Kat (because jazz is cool like that) for a name.

At our first vet visit we were informed he was a she. My beer drinking buddy was a ditsy sorority girl! I wasn’t comfortable keeping the name at the point and after a few weeks I was able to convince Kristin to settle on Dax. Those familiar with DS9 will get the reference. For those who don’t, well Dax was a symbiotic life form that would occasionally move to a willing host. When the series opens we find the captain calling this mid-thirties woman (Judzea Dax) “Old Man” as many years ago he met the symbiote as an old ambassador, Kurzon Dax. Male or female the Dax portion of the person is the same. So is our cat. Male or female didn’t matter because at the core it was the same cat.

I don’t know what could top and Ewok in a DeLorean but I’m willing to find out and as such I’m volunteering yet again for the video game convention. This will be the second year of its East Coast expansion and my 4th PAX as a volunteer. (Stepping back yes I know I had that link in my last post but it was just too good not to share again) This time around I was asked to be the assistant manager for the Info booth/spareboard and I have happily taken on the role if for no other reason than it gets me on the org chart. Out of 300+ volunteers only about 30 appear on the official org chart which as Taj pointed out, makes me an Alpha Geek. To sweeten the deal it comes with a cool title… basic volunteers are Enforcers but now I’m a Deputy Enforcer. Perhaps I need a giant belt buckle with a star on it so everyone will know as I sit behind a desk with said badge out of view. Unfortunately it doesn’t give me any authority to arrest Wil Wheaton which is alright because that would mean interaction and would deny me my multi-annual snub. (2 weeks 3 days and counting)

Finally as hinted on Facebook I’ve become the proud owner of an objet d’Art. I am on the website for a company that “specializes in bringing to auction select merchandise acquired from various agencies, including merchandise held, sold, and released by U.S. Police Departments, forfeited property, repossessions, loan defaults, business liquidations, estate merchandise, and other consignments.” Two months ago I was checking the listing to find an interesting piece which caught my eye. I forgot about it before the auction closed and it sold for $300. Lured in by the sale price vs. estimated auction value of roughly $5000 I was not going to be denied when a similar piece came up this time around. As Kristin and I were down in Portland we had set reminders in our smart phones to make sure I got my shot. With 5 minutes to go I took it. Thanks to drunkenness I paid too much but based on how much I’ve smiled today, perhaps I didn’t. Behold, my authentic 1971 Warhol.

P.S. PACKERS!!! I remember the game. I remember 5 minutes after the game. After that it gets sketchy.


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