Posted by: newq | May 17, 2010

Life and how to live it XI

 37% of a Q-tip box, my how time flies….

  First up is PAX East, the expansion of the gaming convention held annually in Seattle.  I volunteered to be an enforcer in Seattle last fall and I had such a blast that I decided to do it again in Boston.  I get a shirt and all access.  It makes me as cool as a guy with a shirt that says “STAFF” except it says ENFORCER.  And I don’t get paid.  And I had to pay my own way there.  One might ask if that isn’t a bit over the top, a bit too far down the geek rabbit hole.  I asked myself that.  And then I asked the fellow volunteers, several of which had also been Seattle PAX veterans.  Now timing is everything and at that point Beker pointed to a man in a Princess Peach costume (who we recognized from the Seattle event, because something like that stands out a bit).  No more was said.  Point taken.

   Kristin on the other hand got a great solo vacation.   She learned she likes getting a drink and wandering bookstores for hours, or vice versa.  She also got to experience my preferred Boston dive, the Silhouette Tavern otherwise lovingly known as the Swillouette.  As we entered I proudly pointed out that it had won 2009 Boston City Search for best dive bar.  She likes it when I take her to the classy places.  Oh, and she was there for the Wil Wheaton snub.  I got it out of the way the day before the con when I went to collect my badge.  I got a second chance later for an even better snub.  Now let’s be clear.  I have nothing against him.  It’s just that why am I the one who has to say the first hello?  Because he was on TV? 

   On the way back was a flight delay and instead of stopping in Chicago we were rerouted through Dallas.  Now we all know that the only things more annoying than flight delays are people who are picky eaters because of texture issues. (You don’t like the way crunchy food feels?  WTF?)  But we did get a last minute upgrade to first class, so at least they recognize we got screwed.

   I got back to work in time to see that the company had invested in framed “Inspirations” posters.  My favorite is a picture of the Great Wall for Teamwork.  Wasn’t the wall built by slaves?

   April came; I got a new tattoo, and went back to Wisconsin for Jon’s wedding and a full frontal assault on the liver.  The wedding was on a Friday, and can I say that for those out there still looking for that plunge, I highly recommend it for your guests.  You were going to take most of the week off anyway, why not give them an extra day to hit a brewery tour and a Brewer game?  Give ‘em time to pad the foursquare stats in a new town.   I’d say more but I’m still bitter about my Potowatami losses.  I know gambling is entertainment but everyone else came out $60 or more ahead.  I wouldn’t be peeved except I stuck to nickel slots and for my pulls I got 4 winning hits.  I was never up.  It wasn’t entertainment; it was a double bird of insult.

   This weekend was the neighborhood street fair.  I went from zero to Hipster in one hat. I already drink Pabst so now I just need to grow an ironic mustache and the transformation to douche will be complete.

   Next weekend I get to make it up as Kristin and I are headed to Reno for my cousin’s wedding in Carson City.  RENO BABY! RENO! … doesn’t quite have the ring does it?–VEGAS-BABY-VEGASJon-Favreau-Vince-Vaughn-Swingers-Trent-Walker-

   Next month I take the plunge into cohabitation as Kristin is going to start renting a house and I’m moving in. (Subletting my place) We’ll be in West Seattle.  You can take the boy out of West Allis but you can’t take the half step above white collar trash and penchant for Metallica out of him.  She gains a flat screen TV, I gain a yard soon to be trashed by dog poop.

     Finally I thought I should throw in some movie news but Tron is too far off and this scares me as much as it excites me.


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