Posted by: newq | August 26, 2009

The long awaited Crown Royal smoking jacket

  Only long awaited because of my laziness and hopes that Crown Royal would offer us a marketing deal…

  About three years ago I asked my stepmother, an accomplished quilter, to make me a smoking jacket of Crown Royal bags.  She was up to the challenge and what you see is the result.  56 bags, custom cut and taylored, stiched with nothing but love.  This is really a posting to her credit, I just happen to be lucky enough to be the model.

  Notice that while it is patchwork, it is symetric patchwork, this is especially obvious on the picture of the back.  Additionally, the lapel pocket is from their 2006 NASCAR sponsorship, hence the checkered top.  The two hand pockets are the same thing only from the 2007 Season.


1. How did you get so many bags?  My local dive bar of choice gets their shipment in on Friday and was throwing out an average of 3 bags a week.  I started keeping them.

2. Is it completely made of bags? Not quite, the satin trim and inside lining are not, nor is the beadwork on the back (obviously).  While the belt looks like the gold cords that too was purchased.

3.  Can I get one?  It was agreed that she would be up to doing a second one for $10,000 and you have to supply the bags.

Click the thumbnail for a larger view.  This is our shot at 15 seconds of internet fame so share the link, just play nice.  All rights reserved by Jan and Jason Newquist 2009.



  1. Jason, You are living the dream!

    • please can she send me the pattern

      • There wasn’t one. Just custom cut and layout over a generic robe pattern.

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