Posted by: newq | August 30, 2008


No that stat is not the number of years since I’ve had sex, that’s only 0-2.  But we’ll get to 0-3 in a second.


  I don’t have much but I had to say that today I attended PAX, second to E-3 as the country’s largest video game convention, and yes there is a section for board gamers and RPGers because the founders of the convention are well rounded nerds.  Finally, a years worth of video game readings justified.  From Iron Chef the video game to cheesy temporary tattoos from art institutes I will never attend it was all there.  Felicia Day, check; the production team from Rooster Teeth, check; other names that most of you don’t recognize, check. 

   And while I spent my 3 hours on a dizzying high of Guitar Hero covers and sushi based mini games the only reason to mention any of it is because I am proud to say that I have continued my streak of not speaking, when given the chance, to Wil Wheaton. (Star Trek’s Wesley Crusher for those who need the assist) (see the May 12th entry for backstory) Now some may say that I’m using him as a comic foil.  “How do we even know you’ve been anywhere near the man long enough to not talk to him?”  Well, as Bozo would say “… so you now have a photographic memento of having played the grand prize game with me. Hip Hip Hooray.”  (where upon you would open the attached picture and it would make some sort of sense)



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